C-section scar: healing & care

I wanted to share with you some tips for mums out there, who had a C-section or will have a C-section. I had a C-section when Luca was born and at the time, I wasn’t sure what I had to do to help my body heal. After doing a lot of researching, I had followed the below tips. I hope they will help you, as they did me.

There’s no way around it, pregnancy has a big impact on a woman’s body. From stretch marks, to weight gain and poochy tummies. If you delivered via C-section like 25% of British mums and 20% French mamans, then your bundle of joy was delivered with a C-section scar too! Don’t worry, with time it will leave only a faint line just above your pubic hair. Until then, here are some care tips to help your c-section scar heal nicely.

Helping your c-section scar heal

By the time you get home from the hospital or a few days later, your doctor should have removed the staples from your incision and if you had sutures then they will start to slowly dissolve on their own.

Your C-section incision will be covered with a bandage or Steri-strips. Most likely, your doctor will have told you not to touch these for about a week. They are keeping your wound closed and clean.

A lot of it is common sense, but it’s always nice to get a reminder:

Don’t carry heavy things

It’s time for resting and healing. Post-Caesarean you should limit any heavy lifting or too much moving around. In short, don’t lift anything heavier than your baby for two to six weeks.

Keep your C-section scar clean

Once a day, wash your wound while showering. Stay gentle, you don’t need to scrub, but it’s ok to get it wet. Use a natural gentle soap, just like you do for your baby. When you’re done, pat the scar dry with a clean towel.

Apply ointment to your Caesarean wound

Depending on your doctor’s advice you might have a topical antibiotic or lotion to apply. Some might also recommend bandaging the incision, while others prefer keeping it uncovered. This will depend on your particular Caesarean 

There’s no miracle remedies

Creams that will make your C-section scar disappear are often promoted on social media. However, with no studies to prove their results, it’s all marketing to get you to buy lotions loaded with preservatives and chemicals.

Instead, select natural oils rich in vitamin E and essential fatty acids. Petit Jovial’s Body & Scalp Massage Oil is loaded with pure plant oils including safflower, sunflower, sesame and jojoba. These carefully chosen ingredients have moisturizing and healing properties that will help your C-section scar heal gently.

Resist the itch

Don’t scratch your C-section wound. When our skin heals, it’s common that it starts to feel itchy. Resist the urge however as it needs to be left alone as much as possible.

Let your C-section scar breath

Air is actually good for skin healing. So don’t keep your wound covered up all the time, especially if you need to wear postpartum knickers. Try to wear clothes made from natural fibers that aren’t too tight fitting to help with airflow.

Don’t exercise, but keep moving

Allow your uterus, abdomen and C-section scar to heal without extra stress. Avoid big movements with twists and bends. However, keep your blood flow going with walks. Increased blood flow oxygenates skin tissues and increases healing.

Avoid the sun

When wounds are healing and scars are forming it is best to skip UV rays. Sunlight can cause your C-section scar to discolour slightly so best to avoid it for a good year. No need to become a vampire though. If you are out in the sun, keep it covered with a cotton fabric and apply a sunscreen free from nasty chemicals.

Massage your Caesarean scar

Massages aren’t just good for your newborn! Four to six weeks post-Caesarean and with your doctor’s approval, you can start massaging the wound area to help the scar tissue heal smoothly, flat and supple. Do it twice a day using your natural body oil.

Don’t stress about it

No matter where you are at in your postpartum journey, remember to be kind to yourself. It took 9 months for your body to transform itself and give life. It will need your tender loving care to heal too.

Till next time!