Our Story

After the birth of her son Luca, Petit Jovial’s founder Tania Veignat was inspired to create a pure and natural skincare brand for babies. She couldn’t find anything gentle enough for his sensitive skin where she lives in Paris, and so the idea of creating a natural and vegan skincare brand for babies was born.

Tania & Luca

Tania & Luca

“When my son was born, I scrutinised every label to check the ingredients, a habit since I am a chemist. I was dismayed by what I saw. Some products had suspect ingredients, that I wouldn’t want to put on my own skin, let alone my baby. None of them were good enough for my son’s precious skin”.

So, I founded Petit Jovial to share with parents skincare products, made using the finest natural ingredients and no nasties. Gentle enough for babies, and yet so effective that parents would love to use them, too. A certified natural skincare formulator, and with a degree in Chemistry, I want to become your trusted natural skincare destination, to help you care for your baby, your children and yourself in a kind, gentle way.”

Our Mission

We believe skincare should be natural, with a minimal impact on the environment.

As part of our commitment to people and planet, we donate to charities working on orangutan conservation projects in Indonesia. Deforestation is devastating Indonesia, removing the orangutans’ natural habitat, putting them on the ‘Critically Endangered’ list, with only around 14,000 Sumatran orangutans, and 104,000 Bornean orangutans left in the wild*.

This is a cause close to founder Tania’s heart, as her late dad was Indonesian, and she spent much of her childhood there.

*According to the WWF.


Sleepy Marcel

Did you know?

Orangutan means ‘people of the forest’ and these magnificent beasts are the world’s largest tree-climbing apes. They are vital to the forest’s ecosystem, as they help scatter seeds as they move from one tree to another.

Marcel the orangutan is a cute reminder that by supporting Petit Jovial, you’re also helping protect orangutans.

Beautiful, recyclable glass jars

We have chosen to bottle our natural skincare in MIRON violet glass jars and bottles. This specially designed dark purple glass helps keep products fresher for longer, by shielding them from UV light. It’s the perfect packaging for natural skincare, as it preserves the freshness, without needing to use chemical additives.

MIRON violet glass jars also look gorgeous, both in your bathroom, and for whatever you reuse them for once you’ve finished the skincare. They are recyclable too, to help minimise our impact on the planet.

Marcel recycling responsibly