baby sign language

What is baby sign language?

Even if your baby isn’t talking yet, it doesn’t mean you can’t communicate. With baby sign language, teach your child some simple words to express their mood, state, or need.  Baby sign language is a great way to reduce frustration-crying and, frankly speaking, your own … Read more

Doctor pediatrician and baby patient

Parent’s guide: how to choose a pediatrician

Are you looking to find a pediatrician for your child? Depending on where you live and how many options are available, it’s a good idea to look for a pediatrician three months before your baby is born. A pediatrician is a doctor who specialises in the health and … Read more

How to build self-confidence in a child?

Teaching self-care to our kids

From the moment they are born we start teaching self-care to our kids. Learning how to take care of ourselves, from our mental health to our physical wellbeing is so important. For example, brushing our teeth or making our room a relaxing space. Some of … Read more

What’s a normal temperature for a baby?

It’s natural to wonder what’s a normal temperature for a baby. Are they wearing enough? Is the nursery too warm? What’s considered a fever? It’s not easy to tell with a newborn!  We try our best to make our baby feel comfortable and secure, but … Read more

Natural baby teething remedies

Natural baby teething remedies

It’s really tough seeing your baby in pain when his teeth are starting to come out. Cranky, fussy and crying, we automatically look for natural baby teething remedies to help. There’s no need for ibuprofen or other drugs, but there’s plenty of tried and tested … Read more

Reducing toxins exposure for babies

Reducing toxins exposure for babies

Modern inventions have greatly facilitated our everyday life but have often come at the cost of introducing more toxins and pollutants to our environment and in our homes. Reducing toxins exposure to our children has become a hot topic.  It’s common for women to stop … Read more

parenting hacks

Parenting hacks – sanity saving tips

Let’s not kid ourselves, as much as being a mom or dad is a joyful experience, it’s also extremely demanding on your time and energy. So here’s a list of parenting hacks to make your life a little easier. Use our tips & tricks to … Read more

natural self-care

Natural self-care rituals for grown-ups

There’s never been a better time to turn to natural self-care. The year is 2021 and we are still going through an unusual period, high in stress and no end in sight just yet. Turning up our self-care can be a great source of relaxation … Read more