4 facial massage techniques for busy mums

natural beauty oil facial massage visage

Promoting healthy skin with some simple facial massage techniques is a great addition to your self-care routine. Easy to do by yourself, not needing much material and instantly relaxing, facial massages have become very popular in the beauty world. To make your life easier, here’s 4 facial massage techniques that even busy mums can find … Read more

Parenting hacks – sanity saving tips

parenting hacks

Let’s not kid ourselves, as much as being a mom or dad is a joyful experience, it’s also extremely demanding on your time and energy. So here’s a list of parenting hacks to make your life a little easier. Use our tips & tricks to save some of your time for more important things than … Read more

Natural self-care rituals for grown-ups

natural self-care

There’s never been a better time to turn to natural self-care. The year is 2021 and we are still going through an unusual period, high in stress and no end in sight just yet. Turning up our self-care can be a great source of relaxation and wellbeing. What is Self-care? Self-care, wellbeing, mindfulness, these trendy … Read more

C-section scar: healing & care

Caesarean C-section scar healing

I wanted to share with you some tips for mums out there, who had a C-section or will have a C-section. I had a C-section when Luca was born and at the time, I wasn’t sure what I had to do to help my body heal. After doing a lot of researching, I had followed … Read more

5 tips to help your body & mind heal postpartum

If we are well informed about what to expect and how to deal with it, we can make healing your body & mind postpartum a better experience.

Healing our body & mind postpartum can be a better experience if we are well informed about what to expect and how to deal with it. Most of the time, we focus on the pregnancy period, taking vitamins, eating right, moisturizing, preparing for the baby… We conveniently forget that the first 6 weeks after giving … Read more