Cradle cap: Natural remedies for newborns & toddlers

Rough scaly yellow patches, cradle cap is mostly a cosmetic issue and nothing to worry about. This harmless skin condition typically clears up on its own. However, there’s some simple methods to help speed things along gently and naturally for your baby.

What causes cradle cap?

Although it can get quite extensive, cradle cap doesn’t itch or hurt. It’s likely that your baby doesn’t even notice it’s there. It usually lasts a few months and fades away on its own. 

Dermatologists aren’t certain what causes cradle cap, but it is most likely due to excess sebum. So don’t worry, it’s not a sign of poor hygiene or allergies. 

In some cases, cradle cap can also affect the skin around the ears, eyelids, eyebrows, armpits, bottom or neck.

You must be gentle with cradle cap

Always keep in mind that your baby’s skin is very sensitive and requires extra soft touch with any skin irritation.

Avoid the typical industrial products

Creams and soaps filled with chemicals, fragrances, mineral oils and preservatives are never good for your baby. Without going into the details of how harmful these ingredients can be, remember that our skin is porous and our biggest organ. Whatever we put onto our skin can go into our body.

Don’t use harsh soaps for your newborn’s irritation

In addition, select soaps that are moisturizing rather than drying. Don’t use adult shampoos, especially not the dandruff type.

Be extra gentle

Although benign, the skin underneath the cradle cap scabs is extra sensitive. Don’t pick at the crusts when trying to remove them. Removing them too rough could lead to inflammation and infection.

What can you do to alleviate your child’s cradle cap?

When it comes to it, helping your baby’s skin condition is pretty much common sense.

Choose natural products free of nasties

Wash your newborn or toddler’s hair and skin with the most natural and gentle soaps. Choose products that are as pure and organic as possible.

Use an extra soft baby brush

You can try to gently loosen the cradle cap flakes with a very soft bristled baby hair brush. If they don’t easily come off, don’t insist on the scabs to avoid irritation. While brushing, you can also add a few drops of body oil.

Apply a natural baby oil

Softly rub an organic plant based oil like olive oil, almond oil, or Petit Jovial’s Body & Scalp Massage Oil. Our natural and vegan baby oil is great for using on the cradle cap to gently loosen flaky skin and soothe the skin. Made with safflower, a wonderful emollient, sesame seed oil rich in Vitamin E, and jojoba oil a powerful moisturizer.

Hope these tips have reassured you and will help with healing your baby’s skin naturally.

Till next time!