4 life lessons from my toddler

My son Luca isn’t a toddler anymore, but there’s so much I learned from him as I watched him grow and become a boy.

After all, when our little ones aren’t throwing tantrums, there’s so much growth and discovery, it’s worth it for grown-ups to take notes and be inspired.

So here are a few life lessons we can learn from our toddlers:

Be persistent

Adults know it all too well, in life we can’t have it all. Or at least that’s what we are supposed to think, but toddlers are completely unaware! No matter how many times we say no to candy or to staying up late, they will ask. It’s beautiful because they don’t get discouraged. They keep that hope that maybe we will change our minds.

Lesson from my toddler: As an adult, we tend to think that there’s red tape, or that certain things are off-limit, and too often, we don’t even ask for what we want. So instead, let’s be persistent and ask. Worst-case scenario, we get a negative response and can try something else.

Love unconditionally

When toddlers love something, whether it’s their stuffed toy, juice box, or even us, they do so without reserve. Evermore, they accept our love unconditionally. As adults, we tend to be careful and reserved with our hearts. Whether we’ve been hurt or because we have certain expectations of others, as we grow we forget that love needs to flow unconditionally.

Lesson from my toddler: When we love someone or something, we should give it our all!

Stay curious

When you’re a toddler, everything is new and shiny. Whether it’s places or things, they are learning and exploring because they are curious. They ask questions, sometimes repeatedly, they touch, sometimes taste (to our horror). Overall, they are exploring and learning about their world. That curiosity is at the foundation of nurturing their mind and growing their knowledge.

Lesson from my toddler: Always be curious. It’s crazy the amount of knowledge we get just by asking people and staying open to new things.

Take time to do nothing and dream

I remember being a little girl, long before smartphones… when I would just sit there, get bored and dream. I’d let my imagination do its thing. Whether I was dreaming of my future self, or imagining games and stories, my mind was active and my creativity was flowing. When toddlers are given the opportunity to be alone and entertain themselves, there’s actually a lot more going on than we might think.

Lesson from my toddler: Disconnect from your screens to make time for doing nothing and letting your mind wander.

Hope you enjoyed this small reminder that even if we are parents, it’s good to put ourselves in our kid’s shoes from time to time. And more importantly, to awaken our inner child.

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Until next time, Tania xx