first day of daycare premier jour de crèche

5 tips for the first day of daycare

The first day of daycare is not only a big step for your child, but it’s also a big step for you as a parent. It’s essential to prepare yourself and your child for this new step in your life. Here are five daycare tips for … Read more

5 ways to exercise with a baby

With a newborn, taking care of our fitness gets complicated. We want to get our body back, yet we aren’t sure how to exercise with a baby. Even when we are pressed for time or tired from caring for our little one, there are some … Read more

Protect your baby from heat strokes

Watermelon, bathing suits, and sunblock! Summer is here, but so is the heat and the necessity to protect your baby from heat strokes. For babies and toddlers, it’s a lot easier to overheat than for adults. Yet, it’s not that easy to know if they … Read more

How to build self-confidence in a child?

How to build self-confidence in a child?

Observe kids at the playground, it’s easy to spot the ones that don’t dare or don’t try because they aren’t confident. We aren’t born self-assured, we learn over time through our experiences. As parents, it’s part of our responsibility to build self-confidence in a child. … Read more

The emotional wellbeing of children

In the past two years, emotional well-being for kids has been a hushed topic. With the end of restrictions in most countries around the world, people are starting to look at the consequences they have had on our children. Without going into a discussion of … Read more

natural beauty routine

A natural beauty routine inspired by spring

Spring showers and colorful blooms bring with them the energy of nature, renewal, and growth. There’s no better excuse to take some time for ourselves, to recenter on what we need and what makes us feel good. For me, it’s also a great time to … Read more

Holistic health for children

Holistic health for children is a lifestyle. Teach your kids healthy habits to grow happy, self-aware and well balanced!

Orangutans how palm oil is causing destruction

Orangutans: how palm oil is causing destruction

What do orangutans and palm oil have in common? They are happiest in a humid tropical climate such as Indonesia or Malaysia.  You might not realize it yet, but palm oil has invaded your pantry, your toiletries and your supermarket shelves! Check out your labels … Read more

Childproofing your home

Childproofing your home

When you are a parent, there’s no greater horror story than when a child gets fatally injured from an accident that could have been avoided with childproofing your home. There’s more to it than covering electrical outlets and storing cleaning products out of reach. As … Read more

baby conjunctivitis

How to treat baby conjunctivitis with natural remedies

Pink eye and inflammation on the inner eyelids? It could be baby conjunctivitis. Nothing to worry about, conjunctivitis is fairly common with babies and kids and easily treated.  If you are worried your child has conjunctivitis, consult your paediatrician. It’s important to understand the causes … Read more