Natural baby teething remedies

It’s really tough seeing your baby in pain when his teeth are starting to come out. Cranky, fussy and crying, we automatically look for natural baby teething remedies to help. There’s no need for ibuprofen or other drugs, but there’s plenty of tried and tested methods that will help your child with teething. 

Here are five natural baby teething remedies to soothe and calm:

Baby teething relief #1: applying cold

This is a classic and a really effective way to soothe a teething baby. Applying cold and pressure to the area helps numb the gums. Select baby sage, non-toxic objects that can be frozen and chewed on, such as:

  • Frozen fruits or veggies: place small frozen pieces in a baby teether, so as when they bite on it the cold and flavors are released. For babies that are comfortable eating pieces of food, a slice of frozen banana to chew on is a great option.
  • Frozen washcloth: take a soaked washcloth and wring out the water. Leave it in the freezer for about an hour. Let your child chew on it once it’s cold enough. Because it’s soft, there’s no risk of hurting his tender gums.

Infant teething remedy #2: teething necklaces

There’s two types of teething necklaces, one for baby and one for mum:

  • Amber necklaces for babies: this has also been around for a while, amber necklaces are very common with natural parenting folks. The amber works with the child’s body heat, letting the resin release an oil containing succinic acid, a natural anti-inflammatory. There’s debate on the efficacy of this type of necklace, but many parents find them useful. Just make sure to get an authentic amber necklace and not a plastic look-alike. It’s also advisable to remove it from your baby before bed.
  • Teething necklace for mum: Obviously, this isn’t one for mum to chew on, but for baby! These trendy necklaces are typically made from big silicone beads, with different shapes and colors. Since babies love to grab at jewelry and put everything in their mouth; this option gives them an option to apply pressure on their tender gums, while keeping them busy while sitting on mum’s lap.

Baby teething trick #3: teething toys

The colorful hand and foot teething rings are classics. There’s a number of options available in stores, just make sure it’s made from safe non-toxic materials.

  • Silicone teething rings: a better option than latex or plastic toys, these come in all kinds of shapes. It’s also great for developing your child’s grabbing and coordination skills.
  • Wooden teethers: these have been getting more attention lately with many parents looking for traditional wooden toys. Make sure the brand you get uses only natural water-based sealants and food grade dyes.

Infant teething soothing option #4: boost their immune system

It’s quite common for teething babies to get a runny nose or fever. It’s not confirmed if getting a cold or fever while teething is a coincidence or because it creates inflammation lowering the immune system. Nonetheless, naturally boosting the immune system of your child can only be positive.

  • Keep breastfeeding: through breast milk, we give our baby essential antibodies that help build their immune system long term. If the little teeth get painful, it can be a good idea to pump first. Don’t forget the Petit Jovial Nourishing Balm for tender nipple tissue, it will help calm irritation and heal.
  • Vitamin D, probiotics, sleep, exercise… Check out my previous blog post on boosting your baby’s immune system naturally for my recommendations.

Baby teething pain solution #5: natural herbal remedies

Parents have been using herbal remedies since the dawn of time, but nowadays we aren’t used to using these grandmother remedies anymore. Here’s two easy and safe options:

  • Chamomile: appreciated for its relaxing and soothing properties, you probably have chamomile tea in your pantry already. Using the frozen cloth idea above, instead of using water, soak the washcloth in chamomile tea before wringing and freezing. In addition to the numbing cold, your baby will get the added benefit of the chamomile.
  • Clove: well known for its natural anesthetic and pain relieving properties, clove is often chewed by adults with tooth pain. For babies, we can use a dozen cloves to make a herbal infusion that we can gently rub on the gums with a cloth.

Hope these natural teething remedies for babies will help you out and if you take some cute baby teeth portraits don’t forget to tag Petit Jovial on social media! 

Until next time, Tania xx