Introducing Petit Jovial

Bonjour, and welcome to my site. This is the home of Petit Jovial, a natural skincare brand for babies, but also the whole family.

Every product sold here is designed to be good for the skin, and give you and your family, the best skin care possible. Not only that, but by working with all-natural products, you can be confident that there are no harmful ingredients in any of the formulas.

Choosing natural skin care is so important for all of us and is even more crucial when it comes to caring for a small baby. I aim to bring you all the baby essentials you need, to help you clean, moisturise and care for your baby’s skin, whilst saying ‘no’ to nasty chemicals.

A little bit about me

I’m Tania, and I live in Paris, France with my five year old son and my husband.

Coming from a background in chemistry, I am a certified natural skincare formulator, and am excited to bring you beautiful products that you and your baby will love. I want to become your trusted natural skincare shop, helping you care for your baby and the whole family in a kind, gentle way.

What is Petit Jovial?

When I had my baby I was frustrated at the lack of natural skin care products available. I wanted trusted natural baby essentials that would not only get the job done, but would care for his sensitive skin too.

Inspired by my son, I set out to create Petit Jovial, and am so excited to be introducing it to you. Petit Jovial means small joy, and I want to bring joy to your family, through natural products that are crafted by hand, but also designed to be effective on your baby’s delicate skin, as well as the whole family.

There are a multitude of other chemical nasties that are all too often found in baby products, hiding on long lists of ingredients.

At Petit Jovial, you’ll only find natural skin care solutions, designed to care gently for the skin and keep your baby and the whole family safe and well.

Until next time, Tania xx