Natural baby rash remedies

Your baby’s soft gentle skin is just wonderful, unfortunately it’s also very sensitive and with so many environmental factors to consider it needs to be protected. Thankfully, there are natural baby rash remedies. It’s common for newborns and young children to get rashes and depending on the causes there’s simple natural solutions. 

Taking a look at some of the most common types of baby rashes, where and why they happen and how to treat them will make it easier to soothe your child. With some simple natural baby rash remedies, these little irritations will go away quickly.

Diaper rash

One of the most common types of rashes, diaper rash can be caused by a reaction to the diaper’s materials or from its wear. Chafing can happen when the material rubs too much or too tightly on the skin, resulting in redness and irritation on legs, buttocks or genital area. It can make the skin red, itchy and raw, with some little red dots or larger red patches. The plastics and chemicals used to make the diapers or the baby wipes can also be the cause of the rash.

Tip: avoid diaper rash creams that contain alcohol or fragrance as they will aggravate the irritation. Try the Petit Jovial Nourishing Balm which will sooth and repair your baby’s delicate skin with it’s combination of shea butter, rosehip oil and  lavender.

Heat rash

Especially frequent during the summer, heat rashes can happen on any part of the body. The accumulation of sweat, heat and friction can make your baby’s skin irritated, red, with little bumps and warm to the touch. 

Tip: keep your child out of direct sunlight when the heat is high and use cool water to bring down their temperature. Make them play in the shade and make sure they are well hydrated and protected from the sun with some sunblock.

Drool rash

With teething and sucking on a pacifier or thumb, drool rash is quite common around the mouth and chin. It typically clears on its own within a few weeks and is nothing to worry about. Just keep the skin clean and dry, without going overboard so as not to irritate it more.

Tip: dry the skin in a patting motion rather than in a scrubbing circular way to be as gentle as possible.


Redness, bumps and dry itchy skin, eczema isn’t technically a rash but looks a lot like it. Eczema  typically appears on the head and cheeks in red patches of flaky skin. Causes can be genetic or environmental, like extra dry skin or harsh products on the skin.

Tip: make sure the products you apply to your baby’s gentle skin are free from chemicals that can irritate and use natural soothing oils to hydrate their skin. If the eczema last more than a few days, check with your doctor if a topical prescription is necessary.

Preventing baby rashes with natural solutions

Baby rash remedies: there’s some simple things you can do to prevent baby rashes and irritations:


  • Keep the skin clean and dry
  • Change the diaper frequently, especially if it’s hot and your child is getting sweaty
  • Make sure the diaper fit isn’t too loose or too tight
  • If you suspect the diaper’s materials from causing an allergic reaction, switch to a more natural brand or try fabric alternatives
  • Always wipe from front to back


  • Choose natural breathable fabrics
  • Skip synthetic fabrics, clothes that rub too much on the skin or that are too tight

Skin care

  • Choose baby wipes, lotions and soaps that are as natural and gentle as possible. Check the ingredients and skip the ones with alcohol, nasty chemicals and synthetic fragrances
  • Use brands like Petit Jovial that you can trust for the quality of its ingredients


  • If it’s hot and humid, it’s more likely for heat rash to appear, carry a change of clean clothes if there’s already a heat rash in case your child gets sweaty
  • Use a spritz bottle with water to cool them during the day. Use cool not cold water to avoid temperature chocks

In conclusion, babies will have rashes and it doesn’t have to be a big deal with these simple habits and natural remedies. So don’t worry too much!

Until next time, Tania xx