Fun-filled activities for your toddler come rain or shine

Being a parent to a toddler can be challenging, especially when it comes to keeping them entertained. But what happens when you’re stuck indoors due to bad weather? No matter the color of the sky, there are plenty of activities for your toddler to keep your little one occupied and stimulated.

Spring showers or May sunshine, here are 15 fun and easy indoor and outdoor activities that will make sure your toddler is happy and entertained, no matter the weather!

Activities for your toddler in any weather

Indoor activities

When the weather outside is less than desirable, indoor activities can save the day!

1. Arts & crafts

Art projects are a great way to get creative with your little one. Set up a designated area in your home with supplies like markers, crayons, and paper. You can also get creative and make your own paint using ingredients like flour and water. You’ll be surprised at how much fun you’ll have making art with your toddler. Plus, it’s a great way to bond with them.

2. Sensory play

Sensory play is a great way to stimulate your toddler’s senses and keep them entertained. You can create a sensory bin with rice, beans, or sand and add toys for your toddler to explore. Another option is to create a sensory board using different textures like carpet samples, sandpaper, and bubble wrap. Sensory play is not only fun, but it’s also great for your child’s cognitive development.

3. Storytime

Storytime Reading books to your child is a great way to build their vocabulary and imagination. Set up a cozy area with blankets and pillows, and let your toddler pick out their favorite books. Reading to your child not only helps them develop critical thinking skills but it’s also a great way to spend quality time together.

4. Dance party

Sometimes all your toddler needs is to move their body and get some energy out. Crank up the music and have a dance party with your little one. You can even add some props like streamers or scarves to make it more exciting. Dancing is a great way to release energy and it’s also a fun way to bond with your toddler.

5. Learn to cook

And finally, baking and cooking can be a fun and educational activity for toddlers. Let them help measure ingredients and mix, and don’t forget to enjoy the yummy treats you make together!

Outdoor activities

If the weather is nice, take advantage of it and head outdoors. There are plenty of activities you can do with your toddler outside, like going for a nature walk, playing in the park, or having a picnic. Outdoor play is great for your child’s physical development and it’s also a great way to get some fresh air and vitamin D.

6. Puddle jumping

Puddle jumping is a classic favorite, but make sure your toddler is dressed appropriately to avoid getting too wet and cold.

7. Nature walks

Nature walks are another great option, and you can turn it into a fun learning experience by pointing out different animals and plants along the way. It’s also a great way to teach your child about relaxing and taking in the beauty of nature.

8. Scavenger hunts

Scavenger hunts are also a fun way to explore the outdoors, and you can make a list of items for your toddler to find like leaves, sticks, and rocks.

9. Chalk drawing

Chalk drawing is a fun way to get creative outside, and your toddler will love making colorful designs on the sidewalk or driveway.

10. Water play

Another classic, water play is always a hit with toddlers, whether it’s playing in a kiddie pool, spraying each other with a hose, or playing with water toys. Just make sure to supervise closely and stay safe around water.

Activities for a mix of weather

For those days when the weather can’t make up its mind, it’s best to have a few activities up your sleeve that can work both indoors and outdoors.

11. Fort building

One classic activity that can be enjoyed in any weather is fort building. You can build a pillow fort or a fort made of blankets and chairs, and even incorporate items from nature like leaves or flowers for decoration.

12. Indoor picnic

Another fun activity that can be done indoors is having an indoor picnic. Spread out a blanket on the floor, pack some snacks, and have a cozy and intimate mealtime with your toddler. If the weather clears up, you can also take your picnic outside!

13. Indoor or outdoor gardening

Gardening is another activity that can be done both indoors and outdoors. You can start small by planting seeds in small pots or even growing herbs in the kitchen.

14. Obstacle course

Obstacle courses can be easily set up indoors or outdoors with everyday household items. Use pillows, chairs, and blankets to create tunnels and balance beams for your toddler to navigate.

15. Play dress up

Lastly, dressing up and role play can be a fun activity that can be done anywhere. Encourage your child to use their imagination and pretend to be a superhero, a doctor, or a chef.

Being a parent is tough, but finding ways to keep your toddler entertained doesn’t have to be. By setting up a designated play area and using your imagination, you can create fun and engaging activities for your little one. Whether you’re stuck inside due to bad weather or you’re outside enjoying the sunshine, these activities are sure to keep your toddler happy and entertained.

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Until next time, Tania xx